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Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen says that people want to know about the authors of their content. Who am I to argue with him?

My name is Chris Reuter. I was born in the early 70's in Hamilton, Ontario and grew up in the nearby suburb of Burlington. I went to the University of Waterloo and managed to get a Bachelor's degree in mathematics out of the experience.

For a while, I lived in Waterloo, Ontario working on development tools for embedded systems at Archelon. Then, I lived Massachusetts (Stoughton, then Arlington) working on various neat and non-neat software products before returning to Canada in mid-2011 to live in the Toronto area until 2017 when I moved to Ottawa for a cool software job.

Since I spend my workdays writing software, I like to spend my free time also writing software. I also used to write fiction; that's gone by the wayside lately. Still, I've had a story published.

I'm now married to Debbie as of April 12, 2008. Long before I met her, I made this using a singles website. It was late at night and it seemed funny at the time.

My current religious preferences are Linux, Emacs, dynamic typing, bash, Tcl/Tk and Jesus.

I used to do a lot of stuff in Squeak Smalltalk but eventually got frustrated with its inability to integrate with the rest of my operating environment. I'm trying out Ruby instead for now.

I'm (probably still) a member of the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club, which used to host this page before I got my nifty domain and some ISP hosting and who extended my membership to 2017 in exchange for my NeXTstation.

I still feel a vague urge to put up a picture of myself here, but it's not strong enough to actually make me do it.

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