Stuff I've Written

I have, on occasion, written things. I seem to be reasonably good at it so rather than let my backlog of stuff sit unused on some disk, I've put up some of the less embarrassing stuff here.

Besides, several people have asked me to do this. Apparently, I have a small fan base. Hopefully, this'll cure them.


Talk.bizarre is a USENET newsgroup that had a certain creative bent to it back in the 1990s. On occasion, I've written short stories to post to the group. Here's a selection of my better postings, sorted in roughly decreasing order of quality.

Note that since their original medium was plain text, I've html-ized most of them as preformatted text, which means that it may look less pretty on some web browsers but will keep the original formatting. Think of it as an artistic statement.


This is stuff I wrote for another newsgroup, It doesn't really fit the genre of a spew in that I tend to do a lot of revision, plus there's virtually no angst in mine. However, my postings do seem to provide the other denizens the occasional bit of entertainment, so I figure it's worth continuing.

And before you ask, no, I'm not a paedophile. The groups' residents were kids back when the group started in the late '80s. Most, if not all of them are adults now, in the legal sense at least.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Things that I haven't bothered classifying further:

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