Low-effort Retrocomputing

So the other day, I wondered if anyone had put up pre-installed disk images for any of the really old Linux distros. I found installation media at archive.org and this blog post. with (excellent) instructions on how to do it, but nobody had done the work (so I wouldn't have to) and put it up for download.

So I took a run at it and installed Slackware 3.0 (from 1995) on a QEMU disk image:

Screenshot of the Slackware 3.0 disk configurator

You can download it here. The archive's sha256 hash is


(Please be considerate of my bandwidth.)

The image has two accounts: root and a user account named bob; both have the password slack. It boots into X11 but you can get to a text console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+1 if you need to. Note that the console's termcap seems to be a bit messed up.

Networking works, but there's no web browser or ssh client. There's a C compiler though (I installed everything) so you should be able to build period-appropriate ssh from sources if you need to. There are also Linux builds of Netscape 3 on the 'net, although I have no idea if they'll run on Slackware.

Configuring X took some hand-fiddling. You can see my work in /etc/XF86Config and compare it to the original generated config file /etc/XF86Config.orig if you want.

Anyway, feel free to download and play with it if you're curious or nostalgic or want to do pre-1995-tech dev jam.

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