Ten Best New (to me) Songs of 2009

Last week while driving to Canada, Debbie and I did the year's-best thing and talked about what we thought were the best songs of the year. But being brilliant, Debbie extended the list to include songs that were new to her--that is stuff she hadn't discovered 'til this year. Which made for a great conversation topic throughout the week.

Anyway, Debbie's list is here. This is mine.

Songs are listed in no particular order, and I added the rule that no two songs on the list may come from the same album. This is because some of this years' discoveries are entire albums and I wanted to represent them here.

And so:

Classic Canadian 70's non-Rush prog rock. The linked video is of the band's 1976 performance on TV Ontario. Sound quality is kind of bad but I like it better than the album version. As a bonus, it is also (probably) the only existing footage of Nash the Slash performing with his face actually visible.

This was the year I finally got around to listening to Funeral and yeah, it's pretty amazing. Really, any song of that album could go here. Wake Up is the one I liked best at the moment.

Once again, the real discovery is the album and the band--most of LP would have sufficed. Holy Fuck and Shout Out Out Out Out are both doing something that has started to fascinate me: Techno without computers.

Again, Techno Without Computers, but catchy(er).

This is the token entry from No Line on the Horizon. As a lifelong U2 fan, I'm pretty much required by law to give this album a nod. That being said, it's their best work in years and some song on the album needs to go on the list. Unknown Caller was going through my head at the time.

Exhuberant Canadian indy rock. The entire album is available on their website.

Really well-crafted dance pop. Plus, adding a popular new artist makes it look like my tastes are refined rather than just old.

Remember how, at the start of the 90's, Billy Idol jumped on the cyberbandwagon and released this horrible turd called Cyberpunk?

Remember how it plunged into a well-deserved abyss?

Well, it's actually not that bad. It helps that the days when people took 90's cyberculture seriously are long gone and that Industrial music is (alas) mostly dead as well. These days, the little bits of Industrial influence work pretty well if you don't try to pretend that Idol rocks as hard as KMFDM.

Just skip over the spoken bits and don't listen to the lyrics too carefully and you'll be fine. Wasteland is probably the best song on the album but there are other gems there as well.

From Bedside Toxicology, Ogre's post-Skinny Puppy project with Martin Atkins. It's kind of uneven, but K Y Re:amin is an awesome song.

And that's it. I slapped this list together pretty quickly so I've probably forgotten a song or two but it's close enough.

2010 promises to be more interesting. We've been moving Debbie's CDs to the apartment.

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