Infernal Icecube

(Note: ii has been supplanted by a successor, jj which uses Markdown instead of the custom ii markup.)

Infernal Icecube (aka ii) is a weblogging content management system. That is, it's a program that helps you manage your blog (or blogs). It's intended for people who are familiar with USENET and a Unix command line.



A Quick Look

Here's a weblog made with ii. (Update: not any more.)

Here's the manual in handy html form.

Here's a screenshot^Wsample session:

    $ ii beta config
    $ ii beta preview 
    Error: Missing template file.
    $ ii beta template white
    $ ii beta preview 
    $ opera: Activated running instance
    $ ii beta add
    Entry stored with ID 1
    $ ii beta publish 1
    $ ii beta preview --no-browser
    $ ii beta edit 1
    $ ii beta preview --no-browser
    $ ii beta edit 1
    $ ii beta upload
    Uploading files...


To run ii on your computer, you will need:

  1. Perl 5.8.x (or later). (You might be able to get away with using Perl 5.6.x and the Net::FTP CPAN module, but I haven't tested this.)

  2. A reasonably Unix-like environment. I use Fedora Core Linux (versions 2 and 5) but I've also tested ii under Windows(!) running Cygwin.

  3. rcs, tar and make. Any relatively recent version should be fine. (I used to say "any version from the last decade" but apparently, rcs hasn't been updated since 1995.)

    make is only needed for installing so in a pinch, you could just run the commands by hand and get by without it.


You can download the latest version here.

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